Student of the Month

For a complete schedule of Student of the Month ceremony dates, please see Meetings.

Teachers, to submit your A+BC Students of the Month, please do the following 1-2-3 steps:

1. Submit your Selection by the Due Date.
The A+BC Award Recognition nights require a good deal of preparation.  We need to receive your selection in plenty of time to take photographs, notify parents, and prepare the award posters and our printed program.  Please help us make this a smooth process by sending in your selection by the specified due date:

Student of the Month for . . . Nominations are Due:
September Oct 20, 2014
October Oct 20, 2014
November Jan 5, 2015
December Jan 5, 2015
January Feb 17, 2015
February Feb 17, 2015
March April 13, 2015
April April 13, 2015
May April 13, 2015

2. Check the list of previously nominated students of the month.
Click here: A+BC-Past-Students-of-the-Month-Oct2014-2(updated October 2014) and an excel document will download.  All past nominations are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Nominees can receive recognition once for Kindergarten thru Grade 8, and once during Grades 9 thru 12.  Please check the list thoroughly before submitting your nomination.

3. Fill out the Selection Form Below. 
This is the on-line form to be filled out by the nominating teacher for the Student of the Month. It should be filled out on-line and the results will be emailed to ABC.

Teacher Email
Teachers Name
School Name
Recognition Month
Student's Name
Enter 0 for Kindergarten
Parents' Names as the will appear in program and on poster
Should we provide Spanish translation on the recognition poster and the program for this student? ?
We will assume that students and their families speak English, unless you indicate that Spanish translation on both the poster and program are necessary.
Paragraph ?
Five sentences is a a good length.
Please write a paragraph above on why you selected this student to be the A+BC Student of the Month. Five sentences is a a good length. Please note that this paragraph will be: * printed in the Presentation Ceremony Program, * read at the Presentation Ceremony, * and attached to the Student's Award Poster.
Would you be interested in attending the ceremony (dates can be found on the Meetings tab of the A+BC website) and reading your nomination?